TUPEX AB is a part of TUPEX Group that has established in Istanbul 1998.

Tupex Group has several industrial and commercial activities in

so many fields (electric equipments, as well as the building materials).

We as Tupex Group and our head office in Sweden-Stockholm, are equipping our lighting products with high quality and have been selected by our experts.

We are committed to quality and safety standards without missing  environmental protection.

We have expensive experience in the electricity and lighting field more than ten years, where we got commitments in so many countries, including Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Dubai,Saudi Arabia,Lebanon, Bulgaria and so many other.

Our goal is to provide our partners all the necessary products,  so if you have any project let us to help you, our sales men are closer to you more than you imagine just contact us

Do you have question? Call Us 08-544 011 11 or E-mail us on info@tupex.se


Additional Services

TUPEX AB is engaged in production of electric materials, with experienced managers and qualified specialists

Our mission

To lay on our mission correctly is more important rather than describing it. If you’re not aware of the mission you’re handling then you can’t reflect it adequately.

Our company preferred to aim its mission towards a wide horizon with a wide imagination sticking together with wit and logic instead of transforming itself into templates. Forasmuch as wit and logic can not be shaped with by templates.

Our philosophy

So instead of describing a mission we use this important phrase.

“You must put the correct hand under the correct rock.” This catching phrase became our philosophy. Not any costumer but only the right one became the quintessence of our principle.

Our vision

As the communication tools are presenting limitless and diversified services it turned out the whole world into a small village. In this case we chose knowing our neighbors well and consider them friendly while kindly evaluating their requests as a principle.

The importance of trust among international trade affairs is so obvious that we expect to become your trust at all fields.

Tupex AB Achievements

TUPEX AB, which is working with the principle of honesty and quality service , thanks you, for your close interest and support, We will continue to serve for you today and in the future.


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TUPEX Elektriska is a fast growing company with principles of quality and customers satisfaction.